This blog will be a lot of things wrapped up in to one. Opinions are everywhere, along with a variation of “facts”. I am speaking for my self, about my self and for those who need a reminder that their world is my world. Honestly, I wish for nothing more than happiness, solidarity and peace among us all. I hope someday this will be the world we all want it to be. Until then, I plan on living in books…my books! Stick around for a serving of¬†opinion, its garaunteed to be chalked full of sarcasm and truth. Also, hang tight for a glimpse into my mind by reading excerpts of my WIP.


Who I am…

On the Outside

I am a woman with an opinion and no filter. I do not need your approval, I will not ask for justification or an ego boost. You be you and I’ll be me! Through this blog, you will find out who I am. Love, happiness and tolerance to you.


On the Inside

Writer of all things, whatever comes to mind that day. Ultimately, I am a work in progress. I am shy, lovable and a mama bear rolled into one. I don’t like snooty, but mostly I don’t like fake.

My Goals

To be a better person in all respects. To not have regrets about the things I cannot change. To finally finish at least one of my 8 WIP!