Today I write because I feel it is the only way to express my opinion. It is the only way to do it without being interrupted with opposing views. Views that appear to be more important than my own. Views that may coincide with mine but sound more like a debate or struggle to come together. We as a family, a community, a nation are so divided that we cannot see another points, we are quick to disagree. Do you disagree because you are not the one speaking? Do you disagree because they are not your current thoughts? Why do you disagree? Can you even put that in to words? I doubt it. What I hear is that you are offended. That you are the only voice of reason and my voice is foolish, ignorant and uneducated. How could I possibly know what I am talking about? I research, I don’t speak out on subjects that I have no knowledge of, either personal knowledge or that from a reliable source. Speaking of sources, none of them matter, do they? It’s all fake news, misconstrued and perhaps there is even that news that is written for a demographic. What my newspaper says in the East is different from that in the West.

You want unity? Then maybe, just maybe you and I should talk and maybe you should listen and actually comprehend before you start with your rebuttal. I’ll do the same.

Why do I feel this way? Why do I feel the need to say anything on the topic? Because, I am tired of stating my view to only be interrupted with “no, no, you don’t know”. Perhaps I do know and you don’t. We all should stop talking and start thinking, for ourselves. Listen to the people around you, see the “facts” with your own eyes. Stop letting the media dictate your feelings. Stop letting the media only give the scary part of the story. Hold them accountable!

This is for everyone, everywhere in every situation. Husbands and wives, children and parents, co-workers and last but not least those with a political divide. It really isn’t about me, it’s about us. You want change? Make it happen!