PC no longer stands for personal computer. It’s generally, well almost always associated with political correctness. I don’t know about you, but I know about me and well my filter is wearing thin. 

I have respect enough not to be malicious in my verbal musings. Then again I know I have spoken aloud when it should have been just a fleeting thought. My thin and brittle filter is potentially the result of this years US election process. I know the “scroll on by” method, use to be good at it. Today and in the recent past, I have failed to SOB, I just cannot do it any longer. It is my duty as a good friend to not allow those around me to live in ignorant bliss! It’s my duty as a great friend to call them on their insane reposting of the media militias fear mongering, hate baiting, coming closer to the end as we know it bull shot! Yes I said shot, because well I’m a lady like that! Jokes, I got jokes, apparently my filter is tougher than I previously thought. 

To be honest, I’m in a good mood still yet this morning. I have not turned on the news and I have only skimmed over social media. My coffee is hot and my cigarette is smooth. Catch me later, I’m sure I’ll be able to offend at least one person!

-your normal programming will continue, now back to my coffee-