As a woman, I would certainly say I am for women’s rights. I also, would agree that a feminists goal is for women’s rights and protection of those rights. The work done by those in the arena is above all for the greater good of women, this I cannot and will not deny.

I sat down to write this article today and began my research. Research to confirm my prior knowledge or at least what I was taught about feminist and feminism. Most all definitions mention political, economic, and social equality as front leading issues. I AGREE! Women are and should be equal in all of these instances. There has been a great deal of blood, sweat and pained work to get women this far. This, all of this makes me a feminist, right?

So where are we now, in 2017? What is it we truly lack equality in?

Can women vote? Yes!

Is there a chance this right will be taken away? NO

Are women in politics? Yes, they are!

Is that going to change? NO

Are women CEO’s, company President’s, or business owners?

Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Let’s talk about, equal pay for equal work and education…I personally have not seen actual documents stating women are grossly under paid. I believe there are women in positions of power, the  CEO’s and business owners, who have the ability to make sure women are equally compensated. As for the other companies that are owned/operated by men, women should be proactive in their negotiating . This I am assuming is easier said then done, as in my profession pay is based on education and years of experience. I would like to point out The Equal Pay Act of 1963, I need to do further research, but I am seeing that this Act should be sufficient in getting equal pay and protecting those who take the issue to court. You can check this out for yourself here:

Moving on, lets talk about women’s health.

Can women see a doctor? Yes, absolutely

Is there income based services for women and women’s health? Yes, but it’s not planned parenthood. It’s community based organizations that truly base cost on income and do not require insurance. Check out planned parenthood’s website and scour it for FREE or income based care at location of treatment. In most areas there are very few free services offered. While I am at it, check this report on the income of PP CEO’s, . While you’re looking, check out some of the lower paid CEO’s.

Planned Parenthood website: planned

The answers to much of the above is yes, yes we have rights and no most are not in danger of being taken. I am for all of humanity and all women around the globe. I certainly have my opinions and well to be honest my ingrained values. I have chosen to grow with times and find that my values are ever so slightly different from those of my parents or grandparents. I see current issues as a societal issues, not gender specific. I hear the term feminist being thrown around by teenage girls, college women and millennials as a frame of mind and not a stance on equality. Being accepting of the LGBT community is now somehow being a feminist. Caring less about actions and more about available means to end the consequences of actions is a top priority for a feminist. Having the first and last word, a feminist needs them. There is only I’m right and your wrong, no talks, no debates and certainly no compromises. There are several reasons I’m not a 2017 Feminist! I will resist this movement and fight for equality among all without reference to gender, religion, economic status, sexuality and so on.

Perhaps this can be the beginning of a conversation? What else is there that women are concerned with? What rights do we not have? The ones we fear being taken away? I’ll research and get back with you on any and all! What is a feminist in 2017? What do they represent?

I’m going to put this out there for a bit and maybe pick it up later.


After thought, there are many, many, many websites dedicated to women and the work they  do for society. Check them out and let me know what you really think. Are they there for all women world-wide? Disabled? Abused? All political affiliates?



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