Lost, I once was. Maybe I still am, but for sure I have severe undiagnosed ADD. Not ADHD, because there is no possible way I am hyper and if I were I would certainly not think of it as  a disorder!

So with that being said, lets move on. I am a complex person, and have a much more  complex story than I would like. To know me, to know my story you would have to be a time traveler. I don’t have the strength to relive it at the moment. Someday, perhaps.

In the mean time I plan to just be who I am at the moment. Right this moment I am a bit ticked off. There are those in the world that know one part of you, the part they see through their judgmental glasses. To be judged by someone is deeply hurtful. I wish, no I really don’t because I can’t even stoop to their level, but there are times I want to. I would like to say something along the lines of fuck you and your judgmental bullshit! Alas I will not, just saying it here feels amazing, so thanks to the readers for accepting me the way I am.


This blog started out a bit political in nature and I am just fine with that, it got me back into writing and letting my feelings out. My true purpose and nature in writing is fiction. Romance and heartache, emotions I know a lot about.

Writing has been one of my hobbies for many years, I have only shared my stories with a handful of people. That is about to change. My stories may not be your genre, you may hate them…but given the chance, you may absolutely love them. Time will tell. From here on out I am going to do my very best to be me. To be the writer, the artist, the lover and the  loather of bullshit. Hang in there followers, I’ll be who I set out to be!


The best is yet to come!!!!!

Special thanks to THE DONALD… your campaign pushed me to hit the keys again!

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