Marijuana, is it the gateway drug? Is it taboo still? As a child of the 90’s, I grew up believing smoking the reefer was BAD, ILLEGAL, PLANT of the DEVIL… DEAR GOD WE’RE ALL GOING TO HELL! Now fast forward twenty years and tell me how I’m supposed to feel about marijuana? Its mind altering for sure, but you hear less about it’s lasting effects unlike  that of alcohol, narcotics or the heavier drugs such as heroine. Science has tilted this good vs bad discussion to, may be ok and potentially a medical miracle. The law is obviously laxed in at least seven states, however the federal government still is on the bad side, keeping it listed as illegal. So what do I tell my children? Kids are experimenting and actually using this drug on quite the regular basis. In my state marijuana is still illegal and in my mind it is still BAD. Finding that I am at a crossroad of teaching my child that alcohol, known killer, is legal at 21 years of age and marijuana, the drug choice of sloths is illegal. Alcohol, affects many people, not just those who use it, but the families and innocent people who encounter them. On a daily basis one can hear of at least 100 plus stories of a death where alcohol was involved (thanks to social media). There are no such reports with marijuana, at least not solely. So, again, what do I tell my kids?

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